Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

On Sunday, we found out that Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away and Hollywood lost a truly great actor. From early on and even with small roles, it was easy to see that he not only had a magnetic stage presence, but also left a lasting impression.


Hoffman got his start in an episode of Law & Order in 1991

and by 2005, he was nominated and won his first Oscar portraying Truman Capote.

He was known for truly getting into the mindset and physicality of his characters. For Capote he transformed his body and voice for the role throughout the whole production.

Hoffman also staying in touch with his theater roots, most recently performing in Death of a Salesman in 2012. His talent will be truly missed.

A New Kind of Hollywood Woman


Sundance is where filmmakers can flex their creative muscles, and it seems that a new kind of female character has emerged from this year’s film festival: the twenty-something woman who doesn’t have everything together. Now, it does feel strange that we are celebrating this type of person, but what makes these characters so compelling is that they are charming, witty, and make mistakes.


It’s a large step from what had been written for women. They usually fell into one of two camps. One was the woman who had everything together and was probably the one who killed the guy’s fun or the young, bright eyed ingenue, that every guy has dreamed of meeting. Movies like Obvious Child, Laggies, and Happy Christmas show the woman who doesn’t have everything together and is still trying to figure things out.


We are excited to see this new trend at Sundance! Are you?

Practical Effects

Not everything has to be CGI!


Ever seen the MTV show Teen Wolf? How do you think they get the actors to make that kind of transformation? Well the answer may surprise you it’s actually practical effects using prosthetics and makeup.

Which brings up the question: why are people relying on it less these days? While we understand that computers can create amazing images that can transport us to another world altogether, there is something to be said about practical effects. Shows like Teen Wolf show that makeup artists and practical effects can still be just as good!

We want to know which you like better: computer generated imagery or practical effects?

Casting Hub Kid Signed With Agency that Discovered Jennifer Lawrence

Jariah Griggs

Casting Hub has discovered the next great American actress! Seven year-old Jariah Griggs’s career is about to take off now that she has signed with the Louisville branch of Heyman Talent.  4 months ago, Jariah first came to the Casting Hub audition, and her talent and winning personality were easy to see. That should come as no surprise as Jariah has competed in beauty pageants before, she has won for both best smile and best personality.

With the help of Casting Hub, a commercial networking service specifically for actors, models, and anyone looking to get into the entertainment industry, Jariah auditioned for the premiere talent agency.

Heyman Talent is renowned talent agency that represents actors and models nationwide. Founded in 1989, Heyman Talent is “based on a quality-driven approach to talent representation and client service,” (Heyman Talent Agency website). The talent agency has placed talent in television shows such as HBO’s “True Detective” and CW’s “Star Crossed”; in feature films such as Hallmark channel’s “The Christmas Spirit” starring Nicollette Sheridan and “Franny” starring Richard Gere; as well as commercials for McDonalds and Sylvan Learning Center.

Jariah will be in great hands at Heyman talent, especially since one of the agents there is Chris Kaufman, who discovered Grammy winning Nichole Scherzinger and Academy Awarding Winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. It won’t be long before Jariah is included Heyman’s next great success story, just as she is one of Casting Hub’s many success stories.  Casting Hub looks forward to helping Jariah on her future path to success and making her dreams come true.

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Michelle Generazzo Gives Thanks to Castinghub For Their Help.

Michelle Generazzo gives thanks to Castinghub for their help.

Sulianna Dukes Gives Thanks to CASTINGHUB

Sulianna Dukes Gives Thanks to CASTINGHUB

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